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DESIGN PATTERNS using JAVA - 5 Days Workshop in Noida

DESIGN PATTERNS using JAVA  - 5 Days Workshop DESIGN PATTERNS using JAVA Design Patterns Training will familiarize you with all the fundamental and advanced techniques of Object-Oriented Design. You will learn how to consider any Object Design situation, identify all its concepts and relationships, and model them. Furthermore, you'll learn advanced Design strategies based on the most powerful Design Patterns. It will lay the ground to implement these patterns in an Object-oriented language like JAVA. This is a background all professional, serious developers should have. Without it, OO development requires hard labor but brings very little reward. Sessions offer a very balanced blend of lectures and exercises; it renders the learning process attractive, interactive, and very thorough. Objectives: This course will familiarize you with: ·  The concepts of Objects, Classes, their relationships and how to model them. ·  The fundamental techniques of Object Design. ·  The main D

Customized Training on Struts, Hibernate, Spring

Any Enquiry:     0120-6512820 Web: ; E-mail: Customized Training on Struts, Hibernate, Spring Course Duration: 3 Months (Regular classes) :: 100% Money Back Guarantee Objective To provide the knowledge and skills required to develop web applications using the MVC framework provided by Apache Struts, Spring and Hibernate. The main objective of this course is also to make hands-on training experiences as equivalent to the industry professionals having 4-5 years of experiences in web applications using java technologies. All students will be provided with Study Materials & assignments for the thorough knowledge on each topic. All students will also be provided with interview cracking Tips for more than 200 questions. The course contents for this course are as under: Struts ·           Introduction ·           Model View Controller (MVC) o     MVC Model 1 o     MVC Model 2 ·           Struts Framework o