Data Science or Artificial Intelligence - A new way to career ahead

Data Science or Artificial Intelligence - A new way to career ahead

Selection of right course for the long term career became a challenging decision for IT aspirants. Now a days candidate gets confused with the selection of IT Programme related to Data Science, Data Analyst, Cloud Solutions, Big Data, Data Automation and data oriented techniques. It is also known fact that most of the experienced and high skilled employees switching their role rapidly keeping in view of long term sustainability.

These became important just due to the upcoming 6th Generation of computer i.e. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies. Smart Industries turning their production into AI automation for the more and more production with the man power cost reduction. The tremendous changes into the industry making the system more organised and productive. But in all these, due to huge data production, industry always needs a better analyst for the better forecasting and problem solving decisions. Keeping in view of all, ACLM launched three interesting diploma program:

1) Diploma in Data Science with AI - 12 Months Program (Syllabus on Request only)
3) Certificate in Data Analytics - Three Months Programme using (Advanced Excel, VBA, SQL & ACCESS) Our opinions for B.Tech / M.Tech Freshers, looking for role like data scientist or data analytics must choose Python as the core. It can also be treated as like you have to make good command over python data structures along with SQL and embedded programming. This will work as ladder 1 step. While for the next Level of Ladder 2, you should opt for Automation technique using AI and IOT (Internet of Things). The suggested area can help you in setting your profile to data scientist role. Whereas, for the experienced professionals, who already have 10+ years of experience and want to switch their role, one can opt for Big Data or Clod Solutions like Azure, Salesforce & AWS. It is assuming that there will be age of at-least 3 decades of Artificial Intelligence, in which we can set career from right now.

Suggestions are always welcome. We appreciate your concerns in all manner related to candidate guidelines with respect to their IT career ahead. Thanking you, ACLMInstitute of Professional Studies!


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