Struts, Hibernate & Spring Training

Struts, Hibernate & Spring Training
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Customized Training on
Struts, Hibernate, Spring
Course Duration: 3 Months (Regular classes) :: 100% Money Back Guarantee


To provide the knowledge and skills required to develop web applications using the MVC framework provided by Apache Struts, Spring and Hibernate.

The main objective of this course is also to make hands-on training experiences as equivalent to the industry professionals having 4-5 years of experiences in web applications using java technologies.

All students will be provided with Study Materials & assignments for the thorough knowledge on each topic. All students will also be provided with interview cracking Tips for more than 200 questions.

The course contents for this course are as under:
·         Introduction
·         Model View Controller (MVC)
o   MVC Model 1
o   MVC Model 2
·         Struts Framework
o   What is Struts Framework
o   Struts API Zoo
·         Hello World Setup
·         Internationalization
·         Standard Struts Action
o   Forward Action
o   Include Action
o   Dispatch Action
o   Lookup Dispatch Action
o   Switch Action
·         Struts Modules
·         Struts Configuration
o   Global Forwards
o   Global Exceptions
o   Plug-In
o   Data Sources
o   Form Beans
·         Dyna Action Form
·         Validator Framework
o   Validator Action Form and DynaValidator Action Form
·         Struts Tiles
o   Using Tiles
o   Create Tiles Definition
o   Create Layout
o   Create Content
o   Using Tiles Definition
·         Struts Wildcard Mapping
·         Struts Token

·         Introduction
·         Dependency Injection
·         Inversion of Control (IoC)
·         Bean Factory Configuration
·         AOP
·         Spring DAOs (HDBC & Hibernate)
·         Spring Container
o   Bean Factory
o   Application Context
·         Hello World Example
·         Aspect Oriented Programming
·         Transaction Manager
·         Communication with Database

Hibernate 3 (Object Relational Mapping API)
·         Introduction
·         Understanding Data Access Object (DAO)
·         Object Relational Mapping
·         Using Hibernate (4 Step Process)
o   Step 1 – Entity Class
o   Step 2 – Mapping File
o   Step 3 – framework configuration file
o   Step 4 – client program
·         Hibernate Utilities
·         Communication with hibernate
o   sessionFactory
o   session
·         Hibernate Data Types
·         Mapping Relationships (one of the challenging thing in hibernate or any ORM)
·         Transitive Persistence
·         Unidirectional Many  to Many Association
·         Bi-directional Many to Many Association
·         Mapping Class inheritance
·         Exercises
·         Assignments & Projects
·         Optimization
·         Transient Object
·         Persistent Object
·         Detached Object
·         Removed Object
·         Understanding Proxies
·         Disabling Lazy
·         Forcing proxy and collection initialization
·         Optimization – Hibernate Caching
·         Optimization – Optimistic concurrency control
·         Enabling Versioning in Hibernate
·         Querying the Database
On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

On completion of the training, students will have full knowledge as equivalent to the 4-5 years experienced professionals.
Who can join?
·         Java Developers
·         Java Web Services TLs
·         Architech Designer
·         Any one who have understanding of Java/J2EE.
Venue :
ACLM Institute of Professional Studies

169, Gyan Khand-IV, Indirapuram

Fee Details:
Rs. 8,500=00 + 12.36% Service Tax per participants.
·      Registration is first come first serve basis.
·         Online Scholarship Available
·   Certificate of Participation from AISECT-NSDC


Payment Options:
Through Cheque / Demand Draft to the name of "ACLM Institute of Professional Studies" payable at New Delhi only.

For any clarifications, Please contact:
Mr. Kumar Amit
M.:   +91-9971554606
Tel:  0120-6512820
Email: Web:


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