ACLM, Institute of Professional Studies offers 6 months diploma Certificate Program for 12th passed Student in Excel, Tally & Gst (Accounting), Digital marketing.

Since recent times the digital world has expanded greatly. Portion of a world has this facility where you can even control the electronics in your house while you are far away from your house. Keeping the eye on ever-growing digital world, we talk about why Microsoft Excel is important. Now-a-days firms are collecting ever-greater volumes of data which includes in-store transactions, online sales and social media. They need to be able to collate and analyse this information quickly and effectively.
Excel spreadsheets are commonly used to store financial data, reports, plans etc. With many great features like using colors, automated formulas, keeping data together and helping in keeping the trend.
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If you are good in numbers and know how to manage your fiscal policy you should polish your skills by knowing Tally and GST. It’s necessary how one manages their accounts. Tally is simple to use, operates at high-speed and provides financial and inventory management, sale and purchase management and various other reports.
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Traditional marketing can no longer reach people like digital marketing. The foremost reason of the popularity and a huge impact of digital marketing is that it’s handy. Everything is now a click away. Every information is just a click-away from your phone. Digital marketing benefits the businesses a lot. Helps in establishing a brand name, promotions of various offers, lead generation, increase in revenue. These days reviews play a huge role in selling and in turn increasing the revenues. Whenever you go to buy a product you check the reviews. The product could be anything be it services, hospitality or some tangible item.
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ACLM is a top institute in Delhi-NCR and offer various courses which are beneficial in day to day life as well as in professional life. The institute offers one-to-one interaction. We offer 6 months diploma certificate course to 12th passed students. Call on +918860086630 for more details. Scholarship test will be held on 15th February 2019.


  1. It's really good for aspirants who wish to set career in data analytics.


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