Do you know why MIS is important for you and your career?

Management Information System helps in:

  •       Planning
  •       Programming
  •      Controlling
  •      Decision-making

It is a great opportunity to make a career in MIS. Since it’s the digital age, no firm can work efficiently without the MIS application. The training of MIS is necessary before joining any company.
Know what to study to be completely MIS trained:

  •         Advance basic excel
  •         VBA and dashboard
  •         MS access
  •         Payroll processing

Training on each of this topic is important.
Advance Excel: Advance excel is important for business and for an individual as well. Personal accounting, business analysis, house budgeting, corporate functioning etc. all require excel. To make a hefty work easier knowledge of basic excel is important. All the important works of office are done on excel sheet. It simplifies as well as saves time. Moreover, it brings zero chances of error. Logical functioning, mathematical functioning, statistical functioning, text functioning is all based on Advance Excel.
VBA & Dashboard: The whole concept of MIS is to make your process easy and error free. Calculations are a huge task whether doing them or re-checking them. Even worst if you have to explain it to someone. Graphs & pie-charts come in handy in such cases. By getting trained in this you get to know the algorithms, flow-charts & other logical aspects. Also, you will learn about de-bugging.
MS Access: This course is beneficial for working as well as non-working professionals. You will get to learn database management, data migration, conditional formatting, making reports etc. MS Access is tool that helps you store information for reference, reporting and analysis. This helps you analyze large amount of information & manage related data more efficiently than Excel or other spreadsheet applications.
There are many career options once you get trained in MIS. Join ACLM (Noida & Vaishali) to get a one on one based training. Our new blog will be out soon telling you the various areas where you can get a job after doing MIS.


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